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Occasional Announcement
Maxwell 3549# Click on his photo to meet Maxwell and a few of the other available cats.
Jake #3252 Click on his photo to meet Jake and most of the other available dogs.
Snickers #7164 Click on his photo to say goodbye to Snickers and other lucky animals who recently left the shelter.
Click on the kitten's photo to view photos of a few of our kittens, taken in our kitten nursery on 7/28.
Click here for our online adoption application
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Nemo #7162 Click on his photo to read the story of Nemo's rescue from a sea cave near Strawberry Hill. This link will give you the first page of our June 2004 newsletter (for the full newsletter see our download page ).
Twice Monthly* Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinics
(Second and Fourth Wednesdays of the month)
Reservations and payment must be made in advance (Limited Financial Aid Available).
Click for More
* Phone or see Calender for dates
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Some of our animals can be seen and adopted in Eugene on most Saturdays and Sundays at PETsMART from 10am to 2pm.  See calendar to check specific dates.  Volunteers needed to help. Get your copy of Sounds of the Oregon Coast and contribute to the shelter.  Here's a sample poem, dedicated to the workers at the shelter: When the Eyes of an Old Dog Smile
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