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Occasional Announcement
These are most of our dogs available for adoption
Jake #3252 Jake is an Australian Shepherd mixture who joined us 4/ 99 when he was about 9 1/2 years old.  His owner had to move to a care facility where he could not keep animals.  He has been neutered.  #3252
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Katie #5536 Katie is a spayed female German Shepherd mix who is energetic and needs lots of exercise.  Katie first joined us 12/ 99 when she was about 9 months old.  She likes to ride in cars.  She barks a lot when left alone, and needs firm obedience training.  #5536

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Bubba Frank #6352 Bubba Frank is a neutered male Lab mix found 3/13/03 at the elementary school.  #6352
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Jessie #6887 Jessie is a spayed female AmStaff / Dalmation mix who rejoined us 11/5/03.  She doesn't like other dogs, but is very friendly with people.  Jessie is easygoing, protective, and dominant.  She walks very nicely on a leash.  #6887
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Lucky #6869 Lucky is a neutered male who rejoined us 10/4/03 when he was 10 months old.  He has been kept outdoors, is energetic, playful, friendly, likes other dogs and kids.  Lucky may be protective and aggressive with strangers.  He sometimes suffers from submissive urination and separation anxiety .  He doesn't like to be left alone and will dig and chew things up when bored.  Lucky needs companionship, exercise, and leash training.  He could be a great sled dog and would love to pull somebody on their skate board.  #6968
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Deja Vu (Deva) #6765 Deja Vu (Deva) is a female Lab mix who joined us 9/12/03 when she was about 1 1/2 years old.  She doesn't like other dogs or cats, but likes kids, car rides, walks on a leash.  She is playful, friendly, and needs lots of exercise.  Deva knows sit, stay, come, speak, and comes to her name.  She is good natured and loving, but a bit rowdy.  #6765 Click for More
#6850 Larry is a neutered male Lab mix who was found 10/14/03 on the North Jetty. He was not wearing a collar or identification at the time. #6850 Billie #7076 Billie rejoined us 2/26/04 because of an injury to his owner.  He is an energetic, neutered Shepherd mix.  Billie likes other animals and children, getting his chest or belly rubbed, taking walks, and playing fetch.  He knows some basic commands.  Unfortunately, he got used to dominating his household and so some behavioral issues will need addressing.  #7076 Click for More
Nate #7132 Nate is a male AmStaff/Lab mix who was found on upper Rhody 4/7/04.  He was wearing a blue canvas collar but no identification.  He has been neutered.  #7132 #7182 Barnaby is a male Lab who was found on 36th St. 5/7/04.  He was wearing a red nylon collar at the time, but no identification.  He is very shy and retreats from strangers.  With those he knows he will sit on command and likes to play fetch.  Barnaby has been neutered.  #7182
#Gwenny #7219 Gwenny , a friendly spayed female Amstaff/Terrier mix, joined us 5/28/04 when she was 1 year old.  She likes cats, dogs, kids, but does not care for young males.  Gwenny likes to play fetch and keep away.  She has had some training, is afraid of loud noises, some men, is playful, barks when left alone, and digs.  #7219 Nemo #7162 Nemo, a neutered male, was rescued 4/21/04 .  Though he is a bit shy and nervous, he is friendly and playful.  Nemo is housebroken, needs a lot of exercise, and would befit from some training as he jumps on people and can be mouthy.  #7162
#7122 George, a senior male Dachshund, was found 5/22/04.  He is housebroken, a hearty eater, past the chewing stage, calm, well-mannered, loves walks in the yard, cats, dogs and ready to be your best friend - what's not to love?  George is at a Foster home, not the shelter, so please phone the shelter at 997-4277 to arrange to meet him.  #7212 Simon #7255 Simon, a neutered male Lab mix, joined us 6/15/04 when he was around 2 years old.  He likes dogs, but not cats.  He is housebroken, quiet, walks on a leash, is playful.  Simon needs a lot of exercise, is energetic and friendly.  He is OK with older kids, but sometimes shy of men.  #7255
Jeffrey #7415 Jeffrey, a neutered male Lab/Aussie mix, joined us 7/27/04 when he was about 6 months old.  He is housebroken, likes other dogs, walks on a leash, is playful, friendly, and easygoing.  Jeff must have a 5 ft. fence or up.  He does okay with cats, but has the tendency to play chase with them.  He came from a home with multiple dogs & cats.  #7415 Jake #7228 Jake Jr., a neutered male Amstaff/Lab mix, joined us 6/2/04 when he was around 3 years old.  He likes cats, plays well with  kids.  Is housebroken, but has been an outdoor dog.  Jake is noisy, walks on a leash, is playful, needs a lot of exercise.  He is energetic, friendly, and easygoing.  #7228
Jamaica #7413 Jamaica, a spayed female Lab mix, rejoined us 8/14/04 when she was 8 1/2 months old.  She is playful, likes dogs, plays well with kids, and needs a lot of exercise.  Jamaica is a gentle girl who needs lots of attention and would benefit from some training.   She is intelligent and knows how to open cabinets and gates.   #7413 Bailey #7421 Bailey joined us 8/20/04 when his owner changed living arangements.  He likes dogs, cats, car rides, and laps.  Bailey is energetic, playful, and needs lots of exercise.   He knows "sit" and loves to play ball.  #7421
#7409 Kiyana is a young adult female Lab mix who was found 8/10/04 on the beach near Driftwood Shores.  She has one brown and one blue eye.  #7409
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8/20 - Jamaica added;  8/21 - Bailey & Kiyana added
8/9 - Skokum & Alexus added;  8/13 - Alexus adopted;  8/14 - Brindalyn adopted
8/3 - Jill adopted;  8/5 - Baby Doll adopted;  8/7 - Jack adopted
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