Florence Area Humane Society
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How You Can Help
Spay & Neuter, Tag your pets, Contribute, & Volunteer

No matter where you live, you can help by spaying or neutering your pets.

If you live in our area, and you can't afford it on your own, please contact the shelter (997-4277) and ask for assistance.

Put ID tags on your pets, so they can be returned to you if they get lost. That might be your companion's ticket back home.

If you are in our area and have lost or found an animal, please notify the shelter, for people often make inquiries there first.

Contribute to us or your local humane society, not just with money but with your time and interest. We accept tax deductible financial donations and bequests.  You can get our 501(c)(3) status verification from our download page . Your donation can be to help defray expenses for a specific animal, for a specific cause, or unrestricted.
We gladly accept pet food, kitty litter, and office supplies for our own use, and other items for resale through our thrift store. Visit our thrift store for great bargains.
Redeemable 5 cent deposit cans can be dropped off at drop sites around Florence.  Look for containers with our Logo and the words Kans for K9s & Kats Bingo Thursday Nights If you enjoy Bingo, we sponser a weekly Thursday 7pm evening Bingo Game at Jerry's Place near Heceta Beach.  Smoking is permitted.

Volunteers are needed in all capacities.  Please contact the shelter to apply.  If you would be interested in possibly serving on the board of directors at some time, let us know.  However, please start by joining as a member .

Please send additions, corrections, suggestions, or even a full rewrite of this webpage to the webmaster
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