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Note: This is email for the FAHS in Oregon.
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Webmaster Vacation Notice: During most of June there will be few changes to our web pages and no new photos added.  Email responses may be delayed.  Please continue to use this form to report web corrections, additions, and adoptions, as it will go to the acting webmaster, who is not in Florence, while the webmaster is gone.  If you have an animal question please phone the shelter, do not use this form.

Please fill in enough so that I know who you are, and your email address if you want an email reply!

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If you have an attachment to send or have some other reason for not wanting to use a form, you can use your regular mail program to send to the address posted in our logo at the top of each web page. The mail at that address is checked less frequently than mail from the form. Since that address is posted as a graphic, it cannot be read by automated programs searching for email addresses to flood with more junk mail.