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Occasional Announcement
These are some of our available cats
Brownie #6957 Brownie is a neutered male who rejoined us 12/16/03 due to a "no pets" rule.  He originally joined us as one of over 65 rescued cats 5/23/00.  Brownie likes cats, is nervous & shy, has had some dental problems, and needs regular grooming.  #6957 Maxwell #3549 Maxwell , a neutered male, was found 8/4/ 99 when he was about 2 months old.  He is cautious and curious.  He likes to be petted but not picked up.  Likes to talk to you and lay in sunny windows.  He remains cautious of people, but really enjoys laser light tag.  #3549
Tassy #4339 Tassy is friendly and would make a good lap kitty if given the chance. Likes cats, housebroken, quiet, playful, needs regular grooming, friendly, easygoing.  Tassy is one of the more than 65 cats rescued on 5/23/00, and has been spayed.  A laid back girl that likes back scratches, sunny windows, bird watching and a quiet area to play ball.  #4917 Bobby #6345 Bobby is a young neutered male who was found 3/4/03.  A manx-siamese that has lots of love to give.  He is a special needs cat as he has tested positive for FIV .  He loves to run.#6345 Click for More
Dinah #6046 Dinah is a shy spayed female who was found 9/26/02.  Came to us with family in tow.  She is a very quiet cat found at Safeway with her kittens.  She has a hearing loss.  She likes to play ball.  #6046 Alice #6206 Alice, a spayed female, first joined us 6/6/02 when she was about 3 months old.  A young lady that needs a vision plan at her new home.  It was discovered that she has problems focusing on moving objects.  She can be very affectionate and loves to play with glitter toys.  #6206
Cheyenne #5621 Cheyenne is a spayed female who was found 4/9/02.  She likes cats, is friendly and energetic.  Cheyenne is feisty and very playful.  She will let you know if she doesn't want your attention.  An energetic cat that enjoys feathers, balls, and a good game of tag.  She likes sunny windows and bird watching. #5621 Black Bart #7097 Black Bart , a neutered male, was found 3/24/04.  Found panhandling in a local RV park, he can really work a room.  He is playful and can keep up with the energizer bunny.  #7097
Esther #5828 Esther is a young spayed female who was abandoned 7/1/02.  She gets along with the other cats.  A black beauty with a saucy personality.  She can be affectionate after she gets to know you.  She enjoys glitter wands, feathers, bird watching, ball playing and tag.  #5828 Dusty #6851 Dusty is a neutered male who was found 10/16/03.  He has extra toes on his front paws.  Dusty is a big love.  He loves to be cuddled, to be brushed, and he doesn't even mind having his extra toe nails clipped or his ears cleaned.  This big orange cat is so laid back he is easy to miss in the crowd, but he really would take the prize for Mr. Congeniality.  #6851
Snickers #6593 Snickers , a neutered male, was found 6/26/03 when he was about 2 months old.  Plays with reckless abandonment and will amuse his family for hours.  He loves to have a wrestling partner. His wrestling partner right now is Spitfire.  #6593 Spitfire #6961 Spitfire, a spayed female was found 12/19/03 when she was about 6 weeks old.  Was an impressionable girl when she met Snickers.  Now she is as reckless and abandoned as Snickers.  They both enjoy playing in water and endless hours of games.  Her damaged eye doesn't bother her at all.  #6961
Tiki #7163 Tiki , a neutered male, joined us 3/23/04 when he was about 10 months old.  He is a handsome fellow to enjoys ball, feather wands,laser lights, tall cat trees, and sunny windows. He can be bit reserved to strangers at first.  #7163 Tigger #7091 Tigger , a neutered male, joined us 3/20/04 as a 1 year old because of her owner's allergies.  An affectionate boy that can be assertive around dogs.  He gives great hugs and would make a nice lap warmer.  He gets along with other cats, older children and has shared a house with a dog.  #7091
Suzie #6996 Suzie, a shy spayed female rejoined us 1/10/04 when she was about 4 1/2 years old.  Needs an easy going owner that is quiet.  She is very affectionate, and cuddles well when she knows you.  She doesn't get along well with young cats or energetic children or busy households.  #6996 Hunter, a neutered male, was abandoned 8/26/03 when he was about 4 months old.  He is energetic, easygoing, and playful.  Hunter is a very smart little boy, a great hunter.  He is shy and a bit nervous in new surroundings.  #6744
Morris #7033 Morris , a neutered male, rejoined us 2/7/04 because of family changes.  Weighs in at 17 pounds and he does know how to use it. He gets along with quiet older cats.  Likes to play ball, enjoys feather wands, and fur mice.  #7033 Rhett Rhett, a neutered male, was found 5/25/04.   Rhett is a very quiet and loving boy.  A bit ruff around the edges but very playful. There isn't a toy he won't play with. He is a bit choosy about his feline friends, so a one or two cat house would be better.  #7213
Cosmo #7019 Cosmo / Johnny , a neutered male, rejoined us 2/2/04 when he was around 8 years old.  He is friendly and affectionate.  Cosmo is mellow and an ideal companion for someone alone, especially an older person.  He is a special needs cat as he has tested positive for FIV and so should be an inside only cat.  #7019
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Angelique #7i051 Angelique , a spayed female, was abandoned 2/20/04.  After a very bad hair day she has become a beauty.  She is quiet and loves to play ball, fetch fur mice, and enjoys back rubs.  She gets along with most cats and enjoys bird watching.  #7051
Faith #7069 Faith , a spayed female was found 3/1/04 on Heceta Beach Rd.  with an injured leg. She has become a beauty.  She prefers to be alone and enjoys ball, feather wands and bird watching from a sunny window.  #7069 Henry #7028 Henry , a neutered male, was found 2/6/04 in a matted condition.  After a really bad hair day and life on the streets he has become a very distinguished gentleman that has discriminating taste in feline company.  #7028
Morgan #7067 Morgan joined us 2/26/04 after she had been dumped.  She has been spayed.  You've come a long way BABY.  Shy and uncertain when she arrived as a kitten she has blossomed into a beautiful, playful, self-assured Lady.  #7067 Sadie #7105 Sadie , a spayed female, rejoined us 3/26/04 when she was about one year old.  A very assertive lady that is used to running the show.  She would like to have a forever maid.  She is playful and loving when she isn't demanding your services or on guard duty.  She could be a watch cat.  #7105
Max #6883 and Trudy #6884 Adoptions Pending
Max, the neutered male on the left, and Trudy, the spayed female on the right, joined us 11/5/03 as 5 month old kittens who had been found in Mapleton together.  They are very shy, like to hide together, and would love to go to the same home together.  #6883 & #6884
Little Missy #7324 Little Missy, a spayed female, was found 7/8/04 when she was about 2 years old.  She is easygoing, friendly, and playful.  #7324 Thumbelina #7089 Thumbelina, a spayed female, was found 3/9/04, quite pregnant.  A real looker. She enjoys feather wands, bird watching, ball, fur mice, and sun-bathing. She doesn't always get along with every cat, a one or two cat house may be to her liking. #7089
Meow #7123 Meow , a neutered male, rejoined us 4/1/04 when he was about 7 years old. A quiet gentleman that truly enjoys quiet people. He loves hugs, petting, and sunny windows. He came to us after his owner passed away.  #7123 Mary #6943 Mary , a spayed female, was found 12/4/03.  She is quiet, easygoing, and friendly.  Mary is a sweet cat who doesn't like being picked up, but does love being petted.  An older lady who prefers a quiet home so she can enjoy playing ball, sunning herself, and sleeping in her favorite person's lap.  She enjoys bird watching, soft beds and classical music.  #6943
Mocha #7214 Mocha, a spayed female, was found 5/24/04.  Truly a rich chocolate drink of heaven.  She is pretty, and easy going and enjoys ball, feather wands, fur mice and quiet sunny windows.  She enjoys bird watching and squirrel watching.  #7214 Patrick #7254 Patrick, a neutered male, was found 6/15/04 when he was around 2 years old.  He had been running free in a campground since April.  Patrick loves to snuggle, is sweet, very affectionate, and loves children.  #7254
7/26 - Rhett added
7/9 - Fuzzy adopted;  7/14 - Mocha & Patrick added;  7/23 - Little Missy added
6/24 - Thumbelina added;  6/27 - Hunter added
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