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This page shows those animals who have been pictured on the web pages (or were destined for the web if not adopted soon after becoming available), and does not include kittens, many cats, and a very few dogs.

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#7411 Adopted 8/19
Jack, a neutered male terrier mix, was found 8/11/04 in Idlewood area when he was about.  He was about 4 months old at the time.  #7411
#7340 Adopted 8/14
Brindalyn is a shy, sweet, friendly spayed female Lab/Amstaff mix found 7/14/04, when she was about 3 months old.  #7340
#7393 Adopted 8/13
Alexus is a friendly spayed young female Lab mix who was found 8/3/04 in the Fred Meyers Parking lot.  #7393
#7390 Returned to owner 8/11
Skokum (the temporary name used at the shelter), a neutered male Rottweiler, was found 8/2/04 at 19th & Pine.  #7390
Tiki #7163 Adopted 8/8
Tiki , a neutered male, joined us 3/23/04 when he was about 10 months old.  He is a handsome fellow to enjoys ball, feather wands,laser lights, tall cat trees, and sunny windows. He can be bit reserved to strangers at first.  #7163
Cheyenne #5621 Adopted 8/7
Cheyenne is a spayed female who was found 4/9/02.  She likes cats, is friendly and energetic.  Cheyenne is feisty and very playful.  She will let you know if she doesn't want your attention.  An energetic cat that enjoys feathers, balls, and a good game of tag.  She likes sunny windows and bird watching. #5621
Rhett Adopted 8/7
Rhett, a neutered male, was found 5/25/04.   Rhett is a very quiet and loving boy.  A bit rough around the edges but very playful. There isn't a toy he won't play with. He is a bit choosy about his feline friends, so a one or two cat house would be better.  #7213
#7335 #7334
Jill Adopted 8/3, Jack adopted 8/7

Jack and Jill were found together 7/12/04.  Jack is on the left and Jill is on the right.  They are friendly and well socialized, but not housebroken.  They have been altered and and are ready for their new homes and families.  #7335 & #7334
#7391 Returned to Owner 8/6
Female Rottweiler found 8/2/04 near Walton.  #7391
Baby Doll #7156 Adopted 8/5
Baby Doll, a spayed Boxer mix, joined us 4/21/04.  She gave birth to a litter of puppies 4/27.  Her 8 puppies have all found new homes, now it is time for her to find her own home.  Baby Doll is sweet, playful, but she can be protective.  A cool dog.  #7156
Tigger #7091 Adopted 8/2
Tigger , a neutered male, joined us 3/20/04 as a 1 year old because of her owner's allergies.  An affectionate boy that can be assertive around dogs.  He gives great hugs and would make a nice lap warmer.  He gets along with other cats, older children and has shared a house with a dog.  #7091
Patrick #7254 Adopted 8/2
Patrick, a neutered male, was found 6/15/04 when he was around 2 years old.  He had been running free in a campground since April.  Patrick loves to snuggle, is sweet, very affectionate, and loves children.  #7254
Hans #7386 Adopted 8/2
Hans, a lovable neutered male Dachshund, joined us 7/30/04 when he was about 12 years old.  He loves people, including kids.  Hans is a very sociable fellow, quiet, friendly, and enthusiastic.  #7386
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Xena #7281 Adopted 8/2
Xena, a spayed female, was found 6/24/04 when she was about 2 years old.  A unique beauty, that is happy in a lap as well as playing with the other cats.  She has patches of smudged gray on a beautiful white coat that really shows off her green and blue eyes.   #7281
Lupe #7137 Adopted 7/31
Lupe, a pushy spayed female Schipperke,  first joined us 4/8/04 when she was about 5 months old. She was too much dog for her first adopters, so is ready to try again.  She needs love, attention, time, exercise, and an experienced Schipperke owner and/or dog trainer.  Lupe is at a foster home, not the shelter.  Contact the shelter at 997-4277 to arrange to meet her.  #7329
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#7381 and #7382 Returned to Owner 7/30
These two kids were found together 7/29 at Greentrees West. #7381 & #7382
#7374 Returned to Owner 7/27.
Male Miniature Pinscher found 7/26/04 in Old Town Florence.  #7374
#7371 Returned to Owner 7/27.
Young, friendly female Heeler mix found 7/25/04 near Cushman.  Possibly fell from rear of pickup on #126.  #7371
#7198 Adopted 7/27
Joey, a sweet neutered German Shepherd/Blue Heeler (possibly), was found 7/1/04 on 35th.  He was not wearing a collar or any identification.  This youngster is shy, but friendly.  #7298
Jackson #6193 Transferred to OHS 7/26
Jackson was found 11/18/02 on Hwy 101 & Darr road wearing a canvas multicolor collar.  He is a young energetic neutered male. Jackson will be a great companion for someone who can give him the exercise he needs #6193 (OHS#19400)
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Bernard (Bernie) #6954 Transferred to OHS 7/26
Adopted 7/27
Bernard (Bernie) is a neutered male Boxer mix who rejoined us 12/14/03 when he was about one.  He doesn't care for cats or long car rides.  He is playful, energetic, and needs lots of exercise, particularly beach runs.  He barks when left alone, and digs.   Bernie is very cautious with strangers, would benefit from obedience training as he may become aggressive if he feels threatened.  #6954 (OHS#19401)
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Casey #7080 Transferred to OHS 7/26
Adopted 7/27
Casey is a neutered male Lab mix who rejoined us 5/5/04.  He knows "sit", comes to Casey, is a happy, bouncy boy, plays rough, and needs to have a family with older children.  #7170 (OHS#19399)
Returned to Owner 7/22
#7345 #7346 #7354 and #7353
The mother & daughter on the left, #7345 & #7346, were found 7/18, the two handsome fellows on the right, #7354 & #7353 were found 7/19.  All four went home today.
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