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Occasional Announcement
We are pleased to offer a limited edition collection of original poetry signed by the author, Owen Marsh, retired motion picture cameraman, newcomer to the Oregon Coast, and friend of the Florence Area Humane Society.

This  collection features verse capturing a snapshot of life on the Oregon Coast. Copies are available for $20 at the FAHS shelter and thrift store.  All proceeds go directly to the care of the animals. Read on for a couple of samples.

Ode to Our Oregon Rain
by Owen Marsh ©1999

Spring showers are nice
They seem to add spice
When you know
your summer is near.

But who in God's name
Are we going to blame
When the damn things
Come down all year?

When the Eyes of an Old Dog Smile
by Owen Marsh ©1999

(for all of the workers at the animal shelter)

The sky is grey and the air is full
Of its gusts causing trees to bend
But the sun shines bright in the house on the hill
For they have just said goodbye to a friend.

Puppies and kittens find parents with ease
Their plights hardly warrent a poem
But announcements and cards should go out with the shout
"Our Muttly has found a new home."

The work and the money, the hours on end
And the wonder if it's really worth while
You'll know it's well spent, it's worth every cent
When you see the eyes of an old dog smile.

Goodbye Muttly and keep smiling.

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