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Send email to the Florence Area Humane Society
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Please use the form below to send email. If the message requires a response, somebody will get back to you. Our email does not go directly to the shelter ,  but to a volunteer who monitors the mail, and can print messages to take to the shelter later.  You can reach this page from most other pages on our website by clicking on the FAHS email address in the page header.

You must fill in your name and email or the form will not be sent.  A phone number is needed if you want an answer back about a specific animal!
Note: This is email for the FAHS in Oregon.
Click here for the FAHS in South Carolina .
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If you have a photo to send you can use your regular mail program to send to the address posted in our logo at the top of each web page. Please, no html mail which also includes Incredimail and Hotmail's Rich Text Formatting!
If you have an photo or other attachment that is more that 300 kbytes, please do not send it as described above, for we are limited to bad dial up phone lines.  Instead, please contact the webmaster for instructions as to how to send it.
The mail at the posted address is checked less frequently than mail from the form.  Since that address is posted as a graphic, it cannot be read by sneaky web-crawling email-address gobblers.  During the webmaster's June vacations it is checked even less frequently.