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Occasional Announcement

For Your Pets: Have a kennel for each animal.  If your home is destroyed, you'll need some kind of shelter for your pet.  Store a 30 day supply of food, water, and first aid supplies for your pets outside your home.  Prearrange with a neighbor to come and check on your animals and take care of them should disaster strike.  Prepare to find a lost pet by identifying each pet in your house.  Comb out their fur/hair and place that fur/hair inside a clean, dry envelope.  Seal it up and write the animals name on it.  Attach a photo, Have your animal micro chipped or tattooed.  Store this information in your car.

For You: Store a 30-day supply of food, camping supplies, shelter, first aid kit, flashlight, change of clothing, cold weather gear, sleeping bags, and cooking supplies outside your house in a small shed or rubber garbage container.  If you live in an apartment, store everything in a large rubber garbage container outside on your deck, or in the closet closest to your door.  In your car, store a 5-day supply of food, water, change of clothing, sleeping bag, toilet paper, first aid kit, flashlight, heavy boots, leather gloves, safety glasses, and a battery-powered AM/FM radio.  In your work space, store a 3-day supply of food, water, flashlight, plastic bag, and toilet paper.

REMEMBER: The American Red Cross will not allow your pet inside a disaster shelter.  Most cellular telephones won't work after a disaster, nor will normal telephones.  If you're at work or on the road, that's where you'll stay unless you can walk home; roads will be closed, power lines and trees down, and car accidents all over the place.  You'll be camping or walking.

By Harry Oakes, Search and Rescue Coordinator for International K-9 Search and Rescue Services.

This information taken from the Dog Nose News, Volume 1, No. 9, April 1, 2001, Portland, Oregon