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This Catio is about the size of a small bedroom, and is done entirely in an attractive lattice look.  The roof is also built this way  to allow sunlight to filter through.

It is a nice addition and  has curb appeal too.  There are two human size doors in the addition and a glass door from the master bedroom. 

The ground is paved in stone with moss growing in the cracks.  Lots of places for kitty's Daisy and Zoë to play hide and seek.

The room has  chicken wire wrapped around the lower half  to discourage chipmunks & squirrels.

This Catio was design by our friends, and fellow FAHS volunteers,  Bob & Lily H. and built by Equinox Landscapers.

The interior serves as a greenhouse woodland jungle retreat for both cats and their humans.  There are benches and kitty perches with walkways. 

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